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01 Oct - 11 Oct

Panorama - Pagoda, Dhamma Hall evening Nov 2009  






Course Dates - IMC NSW Australia

01 Oct - 11 Oct Mr Michael Fraser
29 Oct - 08 Nov Mr Michael Fraser
26 Nov - 06 Dec Dr Mark Peterson

The next ten-day course, from 1 -11 October will be held remotely online and is open to students who have done a course at the meditation centre before. Contact the centre at to receive the login information and relevant details. We expect that the following course on 29 October- 8 November will be held in person at the meditation centre and so will be open to both old and new students who are fully vaccinated. Should you have any questions please contact the centre at the email address above or leave a message on 0401 769 901

14 Jan - 24 Jan Mr Richard Walsh
25 Feb - 07 Mar Mr Richard Walsh
08 Apr - 18 Apr Dr Mark Peterson
10 Jun - 20 Jun Mr Michael Fraser
15 Jul - 25 Jul Mr Michael Fraser
11 Aug - 22 Aug Mr Richard Walsh
30 Sep - 10 Oct Dr Mark Peterson
28 Oct - 07 Nov Dr Mark Peterson
25 Nov - 05 Dec Mr Michael Fraser

Courses at IMCNSW are led by a Regional Teacher.

There are opportunities to cook, help or serve on a course. Please email or text the centre on 0401769901 for the attention of the Regional Teacher of the respective course. Offers of help at other times can be directed to the Trust.

Worldwide Course Dates

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The Netherlands