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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

There has never been any charge for the Buddha's Teachings. However, there is a suggested donation of $600 for a ten-day course which is put towards the cost of food and accommodation. If you attend for less than the 10 days, $60 per day.

What about food?

Wholesome and tasty vegetarian food is provided, and those who follow a diet for medical reasons will be accommodated as far as possible.

How can I be sure I am capable of doing the meditation?

For a person who is genuinely interested, meditation (including Noble Silence) is not difficult. If one follows the instructions diligently, one can be sure of tangible results. The day's schedule is neither too severe nor too relaxed but follows the Middle Path. Sayagyi U Ba Khin taught his students to work with "zestful ease".

Do I have to be a Buddhist?

No, you only need an open mind and the intention to give the technique a fair trial.

Can I come for a shorter period?

It is possible to come just for the first weekend and practise the first two steps of morality and concentration.